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We provide proof-points for responsible events.

Our industry is undergoing rapid transformation, across all factors, environmental, social and governance.

We help you understand the real impacts of your events, so that you can make more sustainable planning decisions.

Working with more event planners and reporting on more events than anyone else in the industry, welcome to event:decision, the EventProfs’ favourite sustainability partner.

Tools for event planners:

A structured pathway to a more sustainable event in the show, association and congress sectors.

better event planning - track

The carbon footprint of your event, so can make more sustainable event planning decisions.

Assess & benchmark your event across the full range of sustainability factors in E, S & G.

Recent brands using event:decision to understand the impact of events:

Planning and delivering responsible events is not easy. There’s a lot to consider, carbon is just the start. In fact there are sustainable decisions to be made in each of Environmental, Social and Governance areas (ESG).

Effective decisions can be complex and need in-depth measurement, analysis and data insight.

event:decision’s bespoke suite of tools helps the process of event planning at scale, making complex decisions accessible to all sizes of event planners for the first time. 

Impact: Responsible Event Review and benchmarking, Track: for measuring & improving an event’s carbon footprint and Evolve: a structured pathway to a more sustainable show, association or congress.